MEDIA RELEASE – June 26th 2018

One Skin Cover

RORY ELLIS soon at VALVE – June 26th, 2018

The Australian will be on tour in Europe at the beginning of 2019 with his band and on VALVE his current album ONE SKIN will be available.
The comments on Rory’s music are just everywhere: “WHAT A VOICE !!!”
His deep warm voice with a lot of timbre is legendary and he is a top-notch singer / songwriter.
In his songs, he tells stories from the real life and from his musical career, which has its origin in Melbourne.
The BBC Scotland called him “the Australian bear” because of his strong and impressive voice and charisma.
In England, he has already celebrated great successes at various festivals and has also played as support for Richie Havens and Eric Bibb.
His music can not be clearly assigned to any genre, it is a confluence of blues, folk and country with a very personal touch.
The first shows are scon booked. If you are interested you can contact us or KS-Music in Berlin.

MEDIA RELEASE – March 22nd, 2017.

One Skin – celebrating love and life with no boundaries

RORY Ellis is pushing the boundaries with his eighth album as he celebrates a new chapter and his love for his partner. One Skin demonstrates the diversity of Americana music as Ellis takes listeners on a journey woven through country, blues and folk and the ever-present chromatic harmonica.

“One Skin is written about a  new phase of my life – the first year of my relationship with my incredible partner and all that makes her so very special cuts a very big slice” he said.

One Skin is an album to be listened to carefully, with new discoveries on each song.

“The songs all contain little mixed messages, but are predominantly centred around my love for my partner and her achievements, particularly on a personal level” he said. “She’s very proud of the album and truly believes in me. My albums are often written around a period of time where stuff happens and as a songwriter you’re like a reporter, the song is the article”

“This is an album that I hope will awaken the spirits of the listener,” he said. “It is important to me  as with all my albums, to have situations that will  occur to other people. It may not always be apparent straight away, but when they listen to it, it becomes real to the point where the listener can often put themselves into the song.. The beauty of song writing is not to always hit somebody over the head with a message, it’s often about delicately filtering a message through the songs.”

“Americana doesn’t lock you into one genre; you’re not a blues or rock or country artist,” Ellis said. “I can take the styles I love being country, blues and folk and meld them all into one.”

Ellis wrote Livin’ The Dream about the farm he lives on with his partner and all the aspects that go with it.

“It’s about  the things that can often go wrong and conversely the funny things that also happen all in one day sometimes,” he said. “It is an idyllic and honest lifestyle, but the song is about all the associated hardships, pests, machinery breakdowns, and all the things that come with living in an old farmhouse and having that kind of lifestyle,  all new to me.”

Rust On The Chain is about the reality of Ellis’ life “Life is a bit like riding a bicycle and realising that life  doesn’t move forward  without the one you love ,” he said.

Ellis wants to highlight serious issues that he’s witnessed, too. Who’s Your Daddy is a hard hitting song that focuses on the effects that estranged fathers have on their partners and kids and the yearning from all to know why he isn’t there, and his realisation that he has been removed from their hearts, often by his own hand.

“Another Woman Down is about the overwhelming presence of domestic violence in our communities, and the treatment of women in that situation. We see it in the news more and more and it’s one of those things that just shouldn’t happen. This is a song for the women who have been subjected  to this.”

The North Coast singer-songwriter has toured the world, playing festivals in Europe and the UK over many years, but has made his home on a farm near Kempsey. With the release of One Skin, his eighth album, to radio on April 24th, Ellis will again hit the road to tour the East Coast of Australia before returning to Germany and the UK for festivals and shows.

Management: Kathryn Yarnold / Honey Management
Phone: 0499 987 379 

Publicity: Rebecca Belt / The Country Journo
Phone: 0427 232591

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